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Recording_Spam: RPM Challenge 2013 releases

Hey everyone.  I participated in this year's recent RPM Challenge event as some others in the LD community possibly did, and produced two CD's which are also published as Bandcamp freely downloadable distributions.  Both feature quite a bit of 'live to recording' looping, one being my first solo violin project which I used electric violins, Jeff's Mobius, analog/iPad based efx and some digital manipulation of the audio files in post.

One of the experiments that came in the solo record was one night I had the idea to use two violins in different tunings (L_H FCFC/GDGD if memory serves me), pluck them mostly open, occasionally bowing with lots of delay.  This turned out to be great fun and occupies the opening and closing pieces on the record.

Jim Goodin - Hack http://jimgoodin.bandcamp.com/album/hack

The other record, a Ninjam trio that friend/fellow LD'er Jeff Duke, another florida musician/friend Ray Istorico and myself put together in February initially to explore doing a release for RPM and in the process we launched a new net 'band' we have dubbed as kOss pHactor which will continue.  Jeff, Ray and I have worked together as some know here, in many NinJam collabs.

kOss pHactor's makeup is Jeff Duke (electric guitars/electronics), Ray Istorico (electronic drums and WaveDrum), Jim Goodin (electric violin/electronics)

kOss pHactor - kOss pHactor http://kossphactor.bandcamp.com/album/koss-phactor

I hope several others did participate this year in the Challenge.  If you don't know what this is and are curious here's the URL http://www.rpmchallenge.com.  I was first introduced it by another fellow LDer Tim Nelson in 2007.  Thanks Tim!

Thanks for listening.


jimgoodin.com - 'Acoustic guitar renaissance, color blue, repetitive minimalism'
The Recordings of Wood and Wire Music - 'Organically inspired New Music'
From Brooklyn To Glindran, a new World/Free Jazz recording by Jim Goodin & Peter Thörn.  Proceeds from this CD will benefit JDRF International

Tips Across the Waters, a new app for iOS from James Goodin/Wood and Wire Ware.