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Re: Electro-harmonic Superego

Sorry, no US part number.
Replacement switch for the superEgo is


...but just checked out the S-E and the EH provided switch looks
nicer than their usual ones.
I take back what I said about cost cutting in this case, it does seem
they upgrade the switch for the SuperEgo.

I used that Maplin one on the KillSwitch...but note that it *wasn't* an 
exact replacement.
Killswitch is push to break, replacement is push to make.

Now that doesn't matter with the Killswitch, there's a control which
reverses the function of the switch, so it still works perfectly (but
the legend on the control is reversed).

So.. would that switch work on a Freeze...I don't know.

Someone out there with a Freeze has to open it up and put a meter across the existing switch.

Danger is the Freeze turns into an Un-Freeze.


Rick Walker wrote:
What, out of curiosity are the part numbers for your replacement switched, Andy.

I , too, find the switches on the Freeze to be really loud, but I still like that pedal a lot
(though I'm saving up for a Super Ego, too).


On 3/11/2013 9:54 AM, andy butler wrote:
EH have to cut costs somewhere, and the foot-switches generally aren't that great.
I keep a stock of spares.