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Re: Electro-harmonic Superego

Sylvain Poitras wrote:
How does the switch compare to the one on the freeze?

I reckon that's luck of the draw.
I got the EH KillSwitch and had to replace the switch with a nice one right away.
The switch on my SuperEgo is really good,  no click at all, but I have a 
replacement ready in case of

EH have to cut costs somewhere, and the foot-switches generally aren't 
that great.
I keep a stock of spares.

mark francombe wrote:

Seems like theres some kind of Auto function?

Indeed there is. Switch into auto-mode, and you have 4 controls

1) Speed. Functions like the decay time. Go from "Bad gated reverb" and  "Bad 
Room Verb"
through to 100% sustain. 2) Gliss. Kind of a portamento between notes. Works for single notes, and does some kind of a morph between chords, the in between values not really being recognisable
  notes as such.
3) Dry Vol
4) Effects Vol

if you find a sound you like you can hold the switch down to sustain it 
forever(although any
gliss/morph will still complete. If while holding you flip the switch to latch mode then you can release the footswitch without losing the sound.

Auto mode will latch onto any clearly played note, but won't follow legato 
Tapping the strings will usually produce silence.
I found that my usual damping technique produced enough of a transient to 
cause a re-trigger,
and hence silence...but modifying technique to avoid that was possible.

So far, I actually had more fun with latching mode, where once you've 
trapped a sound using the footswitch it will
keep going without any contact with the pedal.
Just getting a chord going, then playing around with post treatments.
Partly that's because the basic sound of the S-E isn't actually that nice,
especially on chords,
it does shift around in an interesting way but it's tone is kind of halfway
between a harmoniser and a cheap reverb.

Paul Richards wrote:

One thing I noticed off the bat was that bass-ier sounds tended to distort

I didn't find this at all.
(used it with bass, and guitars both humbucking(loud) and single 
Wouldn't say that the captured sounds are clean though.