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Re: OT: Harmonica (harmonica players worth listening)

Hi Kyle
thanks :) Bends need endless practice ;-) You can start with hole2/3 bends 
and start to control them as fine as possible. Then you can move up to 
blow bends and overblows.
I can also recommend Howard Levy's platform for online tutorial, it's 
really great:

best regards

Von: "K D Patten" <kdpatten@yahoo.com>
nice stuff man...i envy your ability to bend on the hi end..I'm kind of 
stuck in the 1-4-5 blues thing with harp right now

I'm really sorry. But I've been so frustrated in the past. Because I 
rather play stuff like this on the harp:
And I'm usually confronted by very rigid expectations what a harp player 
is "supposed" to play/sound like.