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Re: Roland GK cable noise issue


I have heard of GK 13-pin cables going bad and/or becoming noisy.

I have only experienced one such cable failure myself since 1992, and when 
that cable went bad it simply buzzed intermittently a bit and then went 
dead on one string.

Otherwise, I have happily sent both the synth signal and audio signal of 
my guitar down these cables and perceived no lack of audio quality - or in 
other words, no need to avoid using the same cable to send the signal from 
my magnetic pickups.

I regularly use GK equipped guitars to run a GR synth a VG modeler and 
analog (magnetic pickup) guitar sound all through the same cable with no 
problem at all.

I have never particularly felt the need to run my magnetic pickup through 
a separate cable from the guitar.

Different strokes I guess...


On Mar 20, 2013, at 5:54 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> Good logica thinking, van, but in my case there this GK cable isn't
> even sending audio - only data to from strings pitch reading. But you
> could send also audio through this cable and I assume that's the weak
> point causing its fragility. I was looking for a shorter cable but
> could only find the 5 meter long one in the shops.
> Greetings from Sweden