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Re: Re: Electro-harmonic Superego Now: For Sale

On 3/20/2013 1:27 PM, andy butler wrote:

Actually while it's a keeper, for me it's not got the same appeal as, say, the "Ring Thing" which would give you some radical
new tones placed after your Freeze. ( more options for the same price)

Thanks for the very in-depth review (keeping my sensibility in mind).
It actually sounds fantastic for me,   but I must admit, the Ring Thing really is floating
my boat too.      I also know it got trashed but I could really use the Fender Feedbacker, too for
some melodic ideas I have.

Thanks for taking the time, Andy............I think I know enough to make my choice.

Oh yeah,  and when I sell a bunch of stuff to actually be able to afford it all............doh!