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Re: Electro-harmonic Superego Now: For Sale

Rick Walker wrote:
I have read all the downsides to this pedal.

I'm really interested in noise and am not a guitar player, per se.

What does the Super Ego do that the Freeze doesn't do, out of curiosity.

Independent volume control of dry and fx sounds.

Attack/Decay  time fully controllable (not individually)

"Glissando" between single notes, which also does some industrial
kind of morph between chords or other captured sounds.
( this is the sort of thing you'll like, v artifacty and industrial,
...I'm kind of guessing you might ude it with  QRep)

An automatic mode which catches any cleanly played note and sustains
A latching mode which means it'll keep the sustain going when you let
go of the switch, and also lets you layer up sounds.

It's also rather good at *not* picking up percussive sounds,
don't know how the Freeze manages at that....maybe the Freeze is better at grabbing those...you'd know better than me.

...and it has an fx loop, the perfect place for your Boss slicer thing

For the cost though, it's not got as many knobs on it as you'd expect
from EH.

For merely manipulating noise,

short noises it doesn't catch.
..but long ones it does.

The "Gliss" function that morphs to the new captured sound is right there in your nasty artifact comfort zone

is this a  hip pedal?

To me it's more of a source for 'nice analog processing' ;-)

Guitar wise it's ideal for that prog band you were starting.

Actually while it's a keeper, for me it's not got the same appeal as, say, the "Ring Thing" which would give you some radical new tones placed after your Freeze. ( more options for the same price)


Rick Walker