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New user of Ableton seeks help using it to replace loop pedals

Hey fellow loopers,

An acquaintance of mine (Ayla Nereo: http://aylanereo.com/) is wanting to replace her loop pedals with Ableton, and would love some help with that. As I am not an Ableton user, I thought I would reach out to this community to see if anyone can offer their assistance.

Here is what she wants to do, "Mostly going to use it in live performance, eventually to replace my loop pedals. More immediately, trying to learn about live vocal effects/plug-ins (like doubling, harmonizers, etc) for using live with my Wildlight project"

Video of her looping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8jrry_QGTE

Her email: aylanereo@gmail.com

Thanks for any help you have to offer. :)