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Looperlative LP2 review

Dear All,
I am a happy owner of a Looperlative LP2.  I understand that there were 
problems with the initial roll-out of this product; in fact the first 
version of this pedal that I received (after the long wait that frustrated 
a lot of people) was un satisfactory with very poor sound quality.  I 
already owned an LP-1 (since 2007) so I was well-aware of the high quality 
of Bob Amstadt's work including customer service.
In view of the problems with my LP2, Bob very quickly proposed a partial 
but substantial refund with the understanding that I would receive the 
next Looperlative innovation free.  That next innovation was a new circuit 
board which arrived with instructions on how to place it in the housing, 
which I succeeded in doing with Bob's help.
I say in all sincerity that to me, the LP2 is the most interesting looping 
pedal I know of.  I have owned a Boomerang, and an EH 16 sec Delay  (both 
since sold).  I still own a Line 6 DL4 and M9 as well as an EDP digital 
pro and an LP1.  While the LP1 and the EDP are both fantastic, they are 
quite big and a bit unwieldy to bring to gigs, while the LP2 is a 
wonderful creative tool in a very simple small package.
What do I love about the LP2?
I love it's many unique possibilities of audio manipulation.  All the 
quantize replace functions (thank you Rick!) allow the creation of 
surprising rhythmic patterns which can emerge from playing stuff that's 
not rhythmic at all .  The retrigger functions (random, once and 
continuous) also have very creative applications in live playing. 1/4 
speed allows, very, very high, music box-like stuff, or very very low sub 
bass stuff.
There is, of course, reverse and 1/2 speed, but I wanted to put the 
emphasis on what's unique about the LP2.
Finally, since yesterday I have connected an expression pedal to the 
feedback jack which enables you to fade out your loops .  Last but not 
least the undo function works really well and used in conjunction with 
feedback allows you to return to previous loops which you have faded out. 
The LP2 also automatically stores your loops on the little card.
So to end, this is my absolute favorite looping pedal with creative 
possibilities I've only begun to explore.  If you're interested in the 
creative, audio manipulating side of looping you can't go wrong with the 
LP2. Much respect and gratitude to Bob Amstadt and to Rick Walker for 
inspiring many of its features.
Mike O'Neil