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Re: Anyone here tuning guitars in fifths?

i did do it once on my VG88, as you can have any tuning you like. i think 
i started with B or C on the bottom. it was pretty freaky! i have noticed 
a few players tuning in fourths all the way across with C and F on the top 
two strings. the range is just so big with fifths and you're limited by 
what you can do with the top string. A4 is common on 8 string instruments 
with scale lengths from 24-25.5in, so if you work down from there, you get 
Bb, F, C, G, D, A, which is doable if you move some strings around, with 
what you would normally use for a B string on the 7 string on the bottom 
(down a semi), then an E string (up a semi), then a D string (down a 
tone), then a G string (no change!), an E string (down a tone) and the 
008in A string on top

On 8 Apr 2013, at 14:51, Per Boysen wrote:

> The more I play fifths tuned string instruments (like the Cello and
> the Stick) the more I like it and I'm curious about if it would even
> be possible to tune a six stringed guitar in fifths?