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Re: Lil' Looper All Stop/All Start Function


I am not exactly sure what you mean by all stop/all start? I don't think this is a feature I'm familiar with. I can say that being able to do granular looping with sound sources from the mic input can be a blast. Thumb piano from space anyone? I also love that you can fade in a backwards loop with a forwards loop at the same time. This can be such an ear-catching effect. It is awesome with music and also with speech. Much more expressive than strict backwards and forwards of other loopers. I hope this is hepful.

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Subject: Re: Lil' Looper All Stop/All Start Function
Patrick, I appreciate that, and of course I thought the Lil' Looper would be even better for my purposes, because I don't need all the effects.  But......does the Dynamic Looper do the "all stop/all start" function and if so, what footswitch does one need to perform that?Thanks John