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Re: Lil' Looper All Stop/All Start Function

Patrick Bishop wrote:


I am not exactly sure what you mean by all stop/all start?

On the VDL-1 you can hold down the top left footswitch and then hit the bottom left.
That causes both loops to start at once.

Don't know about the Li'l Looper,
..and likely "Vox Technical Support" won't be sure.
( they have a guy to read the manual for you...that's about it really).


All Stop.  Who knows, it *may* that you double tap both footswitches and 
it happens.
         It *may*  be that you can achieve this by hitting both extension 
switches together.
All Start.  *possibly* hitting both switches together will start both 

We only know if someone tests it!
( and "vox tech support" typically wouldn't have a device on hand to test)