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Re: midi looper?

zyklus improvisor, perhaps?

for linux, there's seq24 (http://www.filter24.org/seq24/about.html) and 
harmonyseq (http://harmonyseq.wordpress.com/about/)


Sylvain Poitras <sylvain.trombone@gmail.com> wrote:
(03/05/2013 03:44)

> Hi folks,
> Anyone know of a midi looper?  I found one (Piz), but the OS X version is
> apparently not developed at the same rate as the windows version.
> I'm looking to loop some midi data (mostly notes, but maybe CCs as well).
>  I've been wasting time trying to build one in Bidule, but I'm sure there
> something available somewhere...
> VST/AU, Bidule patch, PD or Max...  whatever works.
> (I know Ableton does this, but no thanks)
> thanks,
> Sylvain