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Live Looping from RED Gallery

I just wanted to share this with you all, it is my first "proper" Live Album. I have been on the list for sooo many years now, and I have finally had some success with finding my own "voice" and a few people who enjoy it enough to listen to me.
The album was recorded in one take in the intimate surroundings of Hull's RED Gallery of Contemporary Art on 5th April 2013. It was composed on the spot using a stage Piano, Echoplex Digital Pro, Line 6 M9, electribe, Flame 6 In a Row, Kaoss Pad and IOS devices running Thumbjam, Animoog, Samplr, Loopy and Sunrizer along with Werkbench for the live sampling of household objects and audience interactions, the album is a unique document of the performance as it was experienced by the audience on the evening.
'Live at RED Gallery' is free to download, although listeners can make a small donation.
This live release will be followed my real debut studio album ADAPTER in September.
It is such a buzz to finally have a sound and a method of working that I am happy to share with you all, I've taken so much inspiration and advice about gear from this forum.
so thanks to all
Phill Wilson (MyOnaManBand)