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Re: Live Looping from RED Gallery

Love it.

On May 4, 2013, at 7:45 AM, phillip wilson wrote:

> I just wanted to share this with you all, it is my first "proper" Live 
> Album. I have been on the list for sooo many years now, and I have 
> finally had some success with finding my own "voice" and a few people 
> who enjoy it enough to listen to me. 
> http://adultteeth.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-red-gallery
> The album was recorded in one take in the intimate surroundings of 
> Hull's RED Gallery of Contemporary Art on 5th April 2013. It was 
> composed on the spot using a stage Piano, Echoplex Digital Pro, Line 6 
> M9, electribe, Flame 6 In a Row, Kaoss Pad and IOS devices running 
> Thumbjam, Animoog, Samplr, Loopy and Sunrizer along with Werkbench for 
> the live sampling of household objects and audience interactions, the 
> album is a unique document of the performance as it was experienced by 
> the audience on the evening.
> 'Live at RED Gallery' is free to download, although listeners can make a 
> small donation.
> This live release will be followed my real debut studio album ADAPTER in 
> September.
> It is such a buzz to finally have a sound and a method of working that I 
> am happy to share with you all, I've taken so much inspiration and 
> advice about gear from this forum.
> so thanks to all 
> Phill Wilson (MyOnaManBand)