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Re: Loopers in New York in June...

Im in NY as well. Mainly online these days re music activity but will try 
to catch you Stefan.  I believe Sylvain is also coming to NY this month.

Jim Goodin

On May 11, 2013, at 11:15 AM, Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net> 

> There are a few of us here in New York...   perhaps we can plan a meetup!
> At 12:25 PM +0200 5/10/13, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
>> I will be performing in June at the Electronic Arts Festival - 
>> Harvestworks with Nina Goede. Improvising to a movie just using the 
>> original sounds of the shooting (as one long loop of material...;-)
>> Later I am involved in Christer Hennix work at ISUUE Project room.
>> I post here not only to announce that, I am also searching for 
>> opportunities to perform and/or to do workshops.
>> At Harvestworks we will set up somthing. And I would like to know what 
>> kind of interest are there in specific areas of my work.
>> I could show my homegrown Max patch called "Les Ondes Memorielles" and 
>> explain its relation to looping.
>> I'd also like to know about venues to perform. I would do it for the 
>> hat and hope to get the missing part of my budget for the flight 
>> together...;-)
>> Of course just to meet Loopers would be nice too. Is there an existing 
>> loopers circle in NY?
>> All info about how to survive artistically in NYC and who would be 
>> interested in coming to concerts or to attend a workshop is well 
>> appreciated...
>> Stefan
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