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Re: might be that time

My two cents as someone who went from the 50 to the 300. It takes a little getting used to, but I find the loops themselves to be much cleaner, and dare I say sonically improved? If you're using it with a group you may have found like me that the sub out is very useful for sending at loop only signal to your drummer or percussionist which the 300 still has.

I don't even mess with the effects, and they've never gotten in the way. I do really enjoy the _expression_ pedal for volume. I am pretty right foot dominant when it comes to looping starts and stops, so I found that I still am more comfortable using an auxiliary foot switch to trigger the "all stop/all start" function even though there is a dedicated pedal for that on the unit. I think you can program that to do something else, like maybe clear the loops?

The one thing I haven't spent alot of time on that I used to do with the 50 was to set up a second track to start recording and sync with a first track...after  I had used the all stop. I'm guessing there's a way to do it.

Hope that's helpful,