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Re: OT: setting the gain

Ben wrote:

The factory presets

...well, you'll only ever hear those once at most ;-)

Is the best solution to use a VU-metre on a mixing desk to create the 

Seems likely...
but no, because a VU meter won't tell you how loud it sounds.
You'd end up with the distorted sounds being much louder
than the clean ones. (A bit like the factory presets!)

I sometime uses the clip led of my jamman but this not precise enough.

and has the same problem as VUs

You have to use your ears.

It'll be easier to get consistent level by ear if you're playing
along to a backing (or just some track).
That's because level is more critical when a sound is heard in a mix.

Spend more time with the levels on distorted/compressed patches, because
you won't be able to fix things easy by playing quieter/louder.

As the amp has also its own amp modelling, using the ear is not enough to detect if the
distorsion come from the amps sim on the G5, the input overloaded or the 
amp sim
on the amp.

Well, if the amp isn't overloading on a clean patch, it won't overload on 
a distorted
patch that sound the same volume.

Any input?

hope that helps some