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Headphones Monitors not dead after all

Confirmed. My left ear is different than my right one. On the left I definitely ear more basses and slightly more loud.
I have to consider it at the moment of mixing.

Sylvain, problem solved, but it was around 100 euro, something more something less.


> Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 09:48:55 -0400
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> From: cazwicky@earthlink.net
> Subject: Re: Headphones Monitors not dead after all
> Reverse the L/R position of the headphone on your head (put them on
> backwards) and you'll have your answer.
> At 1:35 PM +0200 5/31/13, Ser G. wrote:
> >Hello, good news, it was such a stupid thing.
> >Do you know the black, hmmm, ok, thing, the black soft thing which
> >cover the speaker of the headphones? From outside it was not
> >noticeable but I took off the circle which closes around the ear (no
> >idea how is it called), and then I removed this soft sponge, and in
> >its inner part it was broken and a part was touching the speaker,
> >provoking a vibration which seemed to be of a damaged speaker.
> >I am glad I do not have to spend money!
> >Now I am listening to some basses in mono, and I notice that on the
> >right side it is brighter, on the left more punchy.
> >Can this be a subjective perception as it often happens for the eyes
> >(where one eye sees colors and light a bit differently)?
> >
> >Ser
> >
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