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Gig & Workshop Spam NYC

After I don't remember how many years, I am in the US again. Just arrived in New York.

I will do a gig @ Harvestworks on 7th with Nina Goede a visual artist and extended singer. I will put the sounds of the video into a Biiiiiig loop and shredd it...;-)


and a workshop on 8th of June, which is not about looping, but about how to deal with more than 2 speakers.


and I'll be also involved in the Project of Christer Hennix @ Issue Project Room:


For anyone interested, I am happy to meet other loopers and show/play my homebrewn "Ondes Memorielles"

I'll stay 'til 21st of June...
And might need a couch for next week...


Les Ondes Memorielles--------x--
-(_|_ ----|\-----|-----()-------
- _|_)----|-----()--------------
---------()----------TJ Shredder