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FS: Vintaj Roland GP8 Effects WITH FC100 and rare Cable

For Sale or possible trade for the Guitar nut or synth freak you love:

Roland Vintage GP8 19" "Stompbox" Effects Processor with FC100 Foot
controller and $$$ cable. Both for only $150 or sold separately*

Full info and pictures up at: http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm

Roland GP8 = a pile of Classic 80s Boss Stompboxes in a rack unit where
you could select different sets of them (distortions, delays, Dynamic
filter, chorus, compressor, etc etc) and save setups of various
combinations and settings. All the classic analog effects are in there as
well as sweet sounding early digital delays. etc.

All parameters and the chain of effects are easily accessible from the
front panel and the large display lets you name each setup as well and
clearly shows what group of effects are on in each preset.

VERY cool unit and at this price insanely undervalued. You'd pay $75 for
one or two of these pedals alone, *especially* the rare dynamic filter.
Here is an excellent page with more info and audio demos of the effects:

I also have a Roland Vintage 15 pin FC-100 foot controller and the
uber-rare and $$ RRC multi Pin cable from the 80s for all you vintage
guitar synthesizer and Effects freaks.

The FC100 allows users to change patches on such vintage units as the GP8
and GP16 effects processors as well as the original GM70 midi guitar unit
and GR50 Guitar Synthesizer. It has jacks for tuning as well as a 1/4'
jack for an expression pedal such as the Roland EV5.

In very good shape and all contacts, etc working. More info up at:

You can control the GP8 with the FC100 above (buy BOTH for only $150
total!!!) including using a CV expression pedal to sweep filters, etc and
do weird and wah effects.

*NOTE: I will not sell the GP8 without having first sold the FC100.
Individual prices are FC100 and cable-$100 obo, GP8-$75.

Trade both for an EH POG2.

Shipping from Phila PA US. I charge actual shipping only and accept USPS
Mo, Paypal personal, or paypal regular (buyer pays fees on PP regular).
Due to idiotic paypal rules all sales are final and As IS but I'll be
happy to do demo videos and tests for serious buyers.

References out the wazoo from over two decades. Thanks for reading!

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