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Re: Rack-mounted hardware loopers - switch from LP1 to EDP?

Bill Walker gave me a good tip to reduce the hiss on my LP-1 (Not high 
whine, that definitely sounds like a separate issue) which was to set the 
master volume at -1 or -2, it helped the hiss stay down as the loops built 

Steve Uccello

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On Jun 6, 2013, at 11:55 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> David B. Lamkins wrote:
>>   I'm seeking insights regarding rack-mount hardware loopers...
>> I currently use an LP1 with the latest stable firmware. It's certainly 
>> usable, but there are a couple of issues: the noise floor is pretty 
>> high and dominated by a high-pitched whine, and the loop splice is 
>> noticeable (too long a crossfade time...?)
>> Would I be silly to consider replacing the LP1 with an EDP? I don't 
>> need stereo, MIDI sync, or the LP1's scramble and Mellotron functions.
> 1) I have both the LP1, and EDP here. The Lp1 that I have use of
>  doesn't have noise floor issues. It doesn't have a high pitched whine,
>  and I would suggest to check for earthing issues in your rig.
>  If anything, the EDP has a bit more noise (but not enough that   you 
> wouldn't use it on a CD recording).
>  So, either you have a faulty LP1, or (hopefully) you can get
>  better results by reconfiguring your equipment.   Latest stable 
> software 1.39
> 2) Loop splice sound...depends how you use the looper.
>  On the EDP to create seamless drones you hit Record, start   fading in 
> your note, then go directly to Overdub.   The same moves are possible on 
> the LP1 (end recording with Rec/Dub)
>  and should work just as good...however it's too early in the morning for
>  me to double check that.
> if you don't need the special features of the EDP then I wouldn't 
> recommend
> moving over to it. 
>> Realistically, neither device is supported.
> There's always the looper's delight mailing list ;-)
> andy