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Re: Rack-mounted hardware loopers - switch from LP1 to EDP?

if you do decide to run with an EDP, there's a possibility I have one for sale. i have two, and don't need stereo. I'm also a looping / mellotron fanatic...


On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 3:36 AM, Steve U <stevebassbird@yahoo.com> wrote:
Bill Walker gave me a good tip to reduce the hiss on my LP-1 (Not high whine, that definitely sounds like a separate issue) which was to set the master volume at -1 or -2, it helped the hiss stay down as the loops built up.

Steve Uccello

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On Jun 6, 2013, at 11:55 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> David B. Lamkins wrote:
>>   I'm seeking insights regarding rack-mount hardware loopers...
>> I currently use an LP1 with the latest stable firmware. It's certainly usable, but there are a couple of issues: the noise floor is pretty high and dominated by a high-pitched whine, and the loop splice is noticeable (too long a crossfade time...?)
>> Would I be silly to consider replacing the LP1 with an EDP? I don't need stereo, MIDI sync, or the LP1's scramble and Mellotron functions.
> 1) I have both the LP1, and EDP here. The Lp1 that I have use of
>  doesn't have noise floor issues. It doesn't have a high pitched whine,
>  and I would suggest to check for earthing issues in your rig.
>  If anything, the EDP has a bit more noise (but not enough that   you wouldn't use it on a CD recording).
>  So, either you have a faulty LP1, or (hopefully) you can get
>  better results by reconfiguring your equipment.   Latest stable software 1.39
> 2) Loop splice sound...depends how you use the looper.
>  On the EDP to create seamless drones you hit Record, start   fading in your note, then go directly to Overdub.   The same moves are possible on the LP1 (end recording with Rec/Dub)
>  and should work just as good...however it's too early in the morning for
>  me to double check that.
> if you don't need the special features of the EDP then I wouldn't recommend
> moving over to it.
>> Realistically, neither device is supported.
> There's always the looper's delight mailing list ;-)
> andy