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OT: VG-8EX vs VG-88

I recently picked up a Godin classical Multiac SA and so far can't get it to track as well as my Godin steel string, so I want to try a Roland VG unit as they are not dependent on pitch-to-midi conversion. I'm not really interested in amp/pickup/guitar simulations. Looking more for ethereal fx, pad-type sounds, alternate tunings. Basically the closest i can get to synth sounds. Most comparisons favor the VG-88, but i have read a couple times that the VG-8(EX) excels at spacey fx. I've watched the youtube demos but meh...haven't really come across anything that I feel showcases the deeper capabilities of either. I tried out the new 13 pin Roland GR-S Guitar Space pedal and was deeply bored. I'd love to be able to try out the 8 or 88 but no one i know around here has either.
Anyone care to chime in with their experiences?