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Re: SoftStep Nav Keys

Am 05.06.13 15:00, schrieb Phil Clevenger:
I am on MacOS using Live9 - would your Max/MSP construct allow me to
program the N/E/S/W pads to control Next or Prev Loop via a single pair
of MIDI Note On/Off messages? Say, East and West would be Next and Prev
Loop, and North and South could be Next and Previous <whatever I like> ?

If you have MaxForLive I could create a device. Though I am on Live 8 still...

Currently the best I can get with Notes is still full of pressure data,
lots of repeated messages. I just want a single Note On and Note Off
when I press those pads.

Switch on when the value exceed a threshold, switch off when it falls below another (lower) threshold. Its not more than that...


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