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W7 driver problem + the in-utility of Automap


Even if at the moment I gave up with live looping and I am concentrating in composing with Ableton, I am affectionate to this mailing list, so I hope it is no prob if I ask here these questions.

I was trying to save some time by using Automap for the Novation Impulse keyboard, and at same time to install the latest drivers for everything.
I noticed that for the plugins which come with Ableton, Automap is completely useless because does not add anything, the keyboard was already mapped before.
For the third party plugins, it does not work (at least does not with: albino, predator, massive, largo, battery3, and some others. And not even with the Novation Bass Station!).
So I uninstalled it.
In the process of trying, I installed and uninstalled several times the drivers of Novation controllers, of BCR2000, and of Kaoss Pad 3 (which I wanted to try as midi controller for the x/y stuff).
I then noticed thanks to an uninstaller of Korg (which makes me see all the midi devices installed in my computer and let me uninstall them, even the not Korg ones), that there was a wdmaud.drv appearing as midi device and as corrupted.
I searched in internet and it seems it happens often.
I had just forced a shut down after a driver installation attempt so I thought that something went actually corrupted.
But I Uninstalled and reinstalled a last time all the drivers of the controllers, and checked in this Korg program, and there is no more this wdmaud.drv.
Do some of you have some experience with this accident?
Should I consider myself safe or should I (just in case) copy the wdmaud.drv again from the Windows 7 installation disk (and maybe modify the registry as I have read on the web)?