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Re: Loopy iOS

Well I don't know, Loopy is too much of a graphic designer's UI dream for 
me. It hasn't got the user philisophy, for my needs I guess, and the UI in 
that sense is a clutter. This is actually one of the main reasons we 
decided to finally take a shot at it and make our own stuff for our own 
work... It's a great tool for sure, but not the one that works with me..

Le 8 juin 2013 à 21:53, Philip Clevenger <phil.clevenger@gmail.com> a 
écrit :

> Hey I just wanted to share some thoughts about the iOS looping app 
> called "Loopy."
> I've spent the last couple of days getting fairly deep with it, as part 
> of the process of (finally) trying to grok making music on iOS devices.
> There are things it does well, and some it does less well, like any 
> looper. That caveat aside, the main thing I take away from my Loopy 
> experience is this: the UI is just wonderful.
> I have wished so many times for the various VST loopers (Echoloop, 
> Mobius, Ableton, are there others?) to have such an interface. Large, 
> nuanced, visually meaningful. In fact, I have not yet taken the time to 
> set up MIDI foot control, but the touch UI is so effective that I can do 
> most things gesturally without interrupting my play (Decay being one 
> exception - it and Reverse are both just a tad more hidden than I would 
> like). But the visual rendering of the loop waveform, showing in real 
> time what's happening as one overdubs, decays, merges etc., just so very 
> helpful. The layout, lack of clutter, the lovely visual style; all top 
> marks from me (I'm a career UI designer FWIW).
> So.. hats off to Loopy and its developers/designers, and I recommend 
> this app to anyone who wants to loop on iOS. 
> And VST developers out there, think about it… go large, go visual, make 
> it beautiful. There's just no reason VST interfaces need to be so small 
> and niggly ;)
> Best,
> Phil :)