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Re: Loopy iOS

I have nearly every iOS looper and Loopy HD is my favorite. The built in noise gate / expander multiple unsynched loops, it's amazing. I find the interface quite intuitive and no need to memorize single / multiple / short / long taps like several other loopers.

Well I don't know, Loopy is too much of a graphic designer's UI dream for me. It hasn't got the user philisophy, for my needs I guess, and the UI in that sense is a clutter. This is actually one of the main reasons we decided to finally take a shot at it and make our own stuff for our own work... It's a great tool for sure, but not the one that works with me..

Le 8 juin 2013 à 21:53, Philip Clevenger <phil.clevenger@gmail.com> a 
écrit :

Hey I just wanted to share some thoughts about the iOS looping app called "Loopy."

I've spent the last couple of days getting fairly deep with it, as part of the process of (finally) trying to grok making music on iOS devices.

There are things it does well, and some it does less well, like any looper. That caveat aside, the main thing I take away from my Loopy experience is this: the UI is just wonderful.

I have wished so many times for the various VST loopers (Echoloop, Mobius, Ableton, are there others?) to have such an interface. Large, nuanced, visually meaningful. In fact, I have not yet taken the time to set up MIDI foot control, but the touch UI is so effective that I can do most things gesturally without interrupting my play (Decay being one exception - it and Reverse are both just a tad more hidden than I would like). But the visual rendering of the loop waveform, showing in real time what's happening as one overdubs, decays, merges etc., just so very helpful. The layout, lack of clutter, the lovely visual style; all top marks from me (I'm a career UI designer FWIW).

So.. hats off to Loopy and its developers/designers, and I recommend this app to anyone who wants to loop on iOS.

And VST developers out there, think about it? go large, go visual, make it beautiful. There's just no reason VST interfaces need to be so small and niggly ;)


 Phil :)