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Re: Your PA Rig?

Hi Brent,

First off, cool vid! Loved it! :)

Right now I'm using a Fender Passport Pro 500. It's an eight-channel mixer with six XLR ins and two stereo channels, the last of which, doubles as a return for the onboard USB flash recorder.

As for monitoring, it doesn't! lol! So if you need a separate monitor mix, forget it and look for something else. :)

I got this PA really as a glorified stereo guitar amplifier for playing small venues / practicing / getting ideas down, so for what I'm wanting it's great, and I can't say enough good about it. :) If you need a real setup with monitoring, then look somewhere else.

Having said that, the USB flash recorder is awesome! YOu can record everything you're doing in real-time to 16 bit / 44.1 KHZ .wav files for editing on your computer. So it's ideal if you'd like to record a performance or save ideas for later composing.

I use the passport mainly for guitar and loopage / digital insanity but it also will do justice to drum machines / synths / other instruments as well.

It has a line out for the stereo mix as well as an output for a sub if you'd like to add one.

Here is a linkie with all the details:

-And a super-cheesie video as well! ;)

Enjoy! and great thread! :)


Cara :)
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On Jun 20, 2013, at 4:53 PM, Brent Taylor <threeleggedyoyo@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hey fellow loopers,

What do you all use to amplify your rigs? Was wondering if you had any suggestions for a PA setup.

I'm a solo performer doing a one man band act:

As you can see above right now in my place where I practice I just have a little 60-watt 4 channel PA that I hooked up to some speakers. It's ok for practicing but it's cumbersome to take the speakers places. Larger places have their own PA anyway. So I'm looking for something physically manageable for smallish places and/or maybe busking. Ideally it would be a little more powerful, too. 

I was considering something like the Behringer KX1200 or K1800 FX. But I'm a little lost.

As far as my needs go, I need something with 4 channels that can sound good with the various instruments involved. Bass guitar, Guitar, keyboards, drum machine, and vocals by necessity all end up coming out if this. It would be nice if the channels had their own EQ like my little PA does.

Alternatively maybe I just need different speakers. I'm not an expert on this at all... I just bought the biggest ones I could find on craigslist, cut open some speaker wire and connected them to the PA.

Thanks for any suggestions.