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Re: Syncing FL studio VSTi to a loopVSTin Bidule

I say ableton would be more stable because I've already been experiencing issues with Bidule. For example sometimes the window will disappear the vsti and even if i click its bidule to reopen it, it is nowhere to be found. Also, when I close Bidule i also have to issue such as an error message that says something like "error invalid window handle".

On Jun 23, 2013 3:50 AM, "andy butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

kay'lon rushing wrote:
well sorta. vst host actually didn't work out. But Bidule and Ableton seem to have potential! It's a tough decision because they are both around the same price.

the "limited edition" of live is a bit cheaper, but does it have the features you need

But I think Ableton will be more stable.


In this case both hosts would be acting as a wrapper, so there shouldn't
be stability issues with either.


Bidule...famed for it's ability to let you freely sync anything to anything else,
         definitely supports sync between plugins via the old vst sync specification
         which is no longer supported by Steinburg

Live ...famed for dodgy midi clock

That older VST sync specification is the best ever for syncing up vst plugins together,
in Bidule it's just a couple of clicks on a menu to link 2 plugins in a master
slave relationship.

A a bit of fun, I gave it a try.

I'm using Echoloop rather than Mobius, but it should be the same( shouldn't it Jeff ;-)

1) Open Bidule
2) Use 'pallette' to add Echoloop and FL VSTi
3) Bidule >>>switch processing On
4) right click the representation of FL in Bidule, and select Sync To>> Echoloop_1
5) In Echoloop set sync to Out (Mobius Equivalent)
6) In FL switch on Metronome....(yeah, I know, but that's all I could manage)
7) Record loop on Echoloop
8) Metronome starts in sync!

so, it works!

It's not drifting but I'm obviously hearing my soundcard latency (at least).
So, not 100% certain, but I reckon it's possible to sync FL to a loop VST in Bidule.

Now, thing is that FL as a VSTi does not have audio inputs.

I had a quick look around FL, and couldn't enable recording because
that could only be done with ASIO drivers.
..I'm running Bidule using ASIO drivers! but no go.

Hope this all helps, and that someone will try out similar in Ableton for you.

Maybe someone out there knows how to get audio into FL VSTi.