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Re: QUICK HELP ANYONE ??Re: Issues with Mobius and SampleTank on windows 8

Just use the step sequencer. Make sure that its in pattern mode and not song mode (buttons to the left of the play button). The default template of fl studio should have a kick, clap, high hat, and snare channel already loaded when you open it. Now just program a beat by clicking which notes you want to activate in the step sequencer.

On Jun 23, 2013 3:00 AM, "andy butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

So, how do I get a simple sequence to play in FL 11.

I have it hosted as VSTi in Bidule, and told it to sync to a looper.
Not Mobius, Echoloop, but will work the same.

..but I've no FL skills whatsover.

I can program a beat, (i think) , I can press play. I can get sound out via Bidule.

but how to I play a sequence...anything.

please help someone, and then we'll all know if it works.


kay'lon rushing wrote:
well sorta. vst host actually didn't work out. But Bidule and Ableton seem to have potential! It's a tough decision because they are both around the same price. But I think Ableton will be more stable.

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 10:12 PM, David Messenger <mssngr1@pacifier.com <mailto:mssngr1@pacifier.com>> wrote:

    Yah, I'm glad it works for you!


    On 6/22/2013 7:18 PM, kay'lon rushing wrote:

        YES!!!!!!!! So Ableton will sync FL Studio! I'm excited. Now
        just to configure this complicated audio/midi routing that I've
        got up my sleeve.


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