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LP1 for sale

I've got a Looperlative LP-1 available.

It has a few issues.... after a motherboard replacement 2-3 years ago that left it at OS version 1.38F (that OS version never released I think), much later I realized I could not upgrade/downgrade the OS, seems to be a bug in that that version.

The motherboard was replaced in a vain attempt to solve a problem that finally turned out to be a failed power supply. sigh. As a result I have spent $1800 total on this device, ouch. But it is essentially a new machine as of the date of the board replacement (the entire guts)

I found out about the upgrade/downgrade issue after I sold it earlier this year to a person who later discovered the problem, so I took it back and refunded his money.

Based on observations of the forum and this list, it seemed pointless to even try to ask for any attention from Bob Amstadt. And since he completely nuked the user forum as well, I am now cut off from the other users on that forum.

Now I have yet another issue that just started.... the unit seems to be going to sleep somehow when no audio is being processed. This happens after a short time of inactivity, I have to play a note on my guitar to wake it up (which produces no sound) and then it kicks in and works fine again.

Given these issues, I will let it go for $700.  I'm in Seattle.