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Re: LP1 for sale

Hi Rob,
it's quite possible that a firmware upgrade would leave the LP1 in a state where further firmware changes were impossible.

It can be fixed by anyone who a) has a special connector (which I do)
b) has the knowledge of how to do it (which I don't)

Like Bill says, it's unthinkable that Bob wouldn't want to sort that for 

BUT, let's make sure you you went through the correct procedure for 

Did you attempt to access the LP1 via ethernet and your web browser?
Did that work?

Does your LP1 give an ethernet address?

andy butler

Rob Campbell wrote:
I've got a Looperlative LP-1 available.

It has a few issues.... after a motherboard replacement 2-3 years ago that left it at OS version 1.38F (that OS version never released I think), much later I realized I could not upgrade/downgrade the OS, seems to be a bug in that that version.