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Re: LP1 for sale

Dear Rob, believe me when I say I feel your pain. Ive been an LP-1 user from the beginning, I have helped Bob at NAMM shows and have had some beta input over the years, As Mark mentioned Bob is in India currently. i'm a bit embarrassed to say I was never much of a forum contributor, and not particularly aggressive about asking for new feature implementations. I think I requested being able to set quantize commands as global presets. meaning i could have all tracks set to a factor of 16, and store that as a preset, then store another all tracks preset to another quantize factor. I'm still waiting on that one. right now I'm on 1.39, not considered the most stable platform, but it has the except track command that is essential to track switching commands, and group track commands I use. i just know that if I venture past 6 tracks I risk the danger of freeze up. Your drop out problem is puzzling, but i do think its possible to get that software version out of your unit. but it will require getting it back to Bob I believe. In spite of how overwhelmed Bob is, i think he would want to make it right for you whether or not you intend to keep it. Why don't you contact me off list and see if I can't come up with a solution.