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Re: Help with Digital Echoplex Pro message

Hi Jeff,
yes, first thing to try is factory reset as Tony suggested.

Next thing would be to "re-seat the chips",
which means opening up the EDP and then carefully removing all the chips from their sockets (one at a time) and replacing them.

If that's daunting, then just pressing down firmly ( but with care )
on the chips may help.

If this won't work, then ask here again.

andy butler

JMC wrote:
My unit powers up fine, shows 198 seconds of time and then displays a number 
in the display window. The feedback light is lit up red but there is no 
sound recorded or coming out of the output. The unit has been in storage 
for a couple of years out of use, but I can't find anything in the manual 
pertaining to this. I also cannot get the parameter button to scroll 
through any of the options?

Jeff Cloud