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Re: possible fall of this list to a Facebook group, oh no!

There must be a lot of discussion: Last year, the 12/12/2012 looping album 
was made, and they 
announced the call to participation on Facebook, but not on the list. I'm 
a member of the group on 
Facebook, but I rarely check that particular group. Because of my failure 
to check, I didn't know 
there was a 12/12/2012 album until it came out, then someone said so on 
the list. I could have been on 
that, but apparently I have to use Facebook instead of the list, according 
to that story.
Tyler Z
On Wed, 7 Aug 2013 08:48:10 +0200, Michael Peters wrote:

>hi Tyler,  
>I don't think anyone unsubscribes because he is in the Facebook group. 
>is some constant traffic in the Facebook group but it mostly consists of
>photos and livelooping videos, and event announcements. There is hardly 
>discussion happening like we have it in the mailing list. It all feels to 
>as if we are just a bit tired, or many people are away for vacation.