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Re: possible fall of this list to a Facebook group, oh no!

 I'm one of those people who rarely contributes to this site anymore, but 
I still get it in digest form and try to keep up. The facebook way is 
certainly more immediate, particularly for sharing video  and sound clips, 
 and trivial as it may be, I enjoy the social interaction, levity, and 
promotional aspect, though like any social networking, one needs to be 
careful to maintain a real life. One personal reason I don't contribute as 
much is, that I'm still using older technology, and I've said about all I 
can say about my looping strategies, with this technology. I imagine I 
will be posting more now that I have a proper lap top and will start 
making the transition to that technology as time and money permits. I'll 
certainly be asking a lot of questions:)