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Re: Taking the plunge

William Walker wrote:

Mobius is the only platform that I know of that does =
the sus 8th effect (correct me if I'm wrong),

Echoloop does that.
...but I don't think it's as neat as Mobius for multitracking.

I'm also wondering about what other platforms people are using and why =
they like that platform.

As soon as you start finding Ableton a bit frustrating you might
want to look at Plogue Bidule.

Bidule is really a lot easier for routing audio, it's exactly
the same as plugging together hardware.
Plus it has completely flexible sync.
i.e. to the extent you could even run a number of loops at different tempi
    and sync fx to each.
Routing Midi is totally transparent, just like routing audio (which it 
certainly isn't in Ableton).

Luckily there's plenty of experience here in working around Ableton 
hassles, so hope
you can thrive with it.