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Re: Taking the plunge

I use Mobius as a stand-alone, with Logic running simultaneously as a host for Battery, Kontact, etc. Absolutely stable that way. I've also got each Mobius track coming back into a separate channel of my on-stage mixer so I can control/process the loopers individually. Requires the schlepping of the mixer, but I like this manual control. Some day might look into using Mobius in plug-in mode and processing within Logic (or maybe Mainstage), and switching to just a small assignable fader box for stage, but it'd require weeks of re-programming every single song and would be be much harder to make changes on the fly.... so feh.

On 08/10/2013 9:51 am, William Walker wrote:

I'm also wondering about what other platforms people are using and why = they like that platform. As time permits I want to try several different =
ones  once I get my work flow happening in Mobius and Ableton.

Amy X Neuburg