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Simple gear summer looping.. (music inside)

So while on vacation in our little summer cottage i attended the nearby Norbergfestival, at the same time the wife saw a mice in the cottage.. 
So in the cottage I had guitar, amp and a EH Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai.. i rigged it up and played around with the Memory Man and found it to be able to make a whole lot of noise and goodies.. I had the box on an a table and manipulated the knobs.. GREAT FUN..
I recorded it with the my Ipad (inbuilt microphone in mono) then just put it into and audio edit tool and made it stereo by having one copy of the track hard left and another, starting a few milliseconds later, hard right.. so no effects except a bit of EQ used to take away some harshness that occurred when overdriving the Ipad mike.. 
So one can have great fun and make some rather interesting noise with simple gear and a bit of inspiration..

By the way.. no mice since.. :-)