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Re: McMillan 12 step anyone?

mark francombe wrote:

Phew....back staring at the Gordius software now,

ok, me too.

I'm not so familiar with the latest edition.

I have a feeling it needs a few tweaks to make it user friendly,
but it looks like it does the job.

It does seem complex, and it's really different to the fcb type 

Banks...those are like on the FCB1010
A whole layout of 10 switches.

Songs, set lists ....forget about 'em.

Is "where I actually program a pedal?" Theres 3 pages, Presets (Is this simply for naming a pedal? But you have to decide here what kind of a press you want??? What do I want? midi note, with sus... for edp, Prg for Repeater...? which column is that?)

Go to presets.

You have to first create the preset, and then once it exists it can be 
assigned to a switch.
(not like the fcb where you start with the switch you want to program)

For controlling an EDP, use Momentaries.

For changing fx presets (or possibly EDP presets) you can use Patches.

Difference is that Gordius remembers the last "patch" you hit, and the LED
will be stay on for that switch when you're.

So.. you need to create your Momentaries (click the "+") , called "EDP Rec" "EDP OD" and so on before you can add content to them.
(highlight your Momentary, and go to the Content page)

The content is, as expected, the relevant NoteOn,   but don't
forget you have to put the Note-Off in the "Second Message Stream"

Again you have to click the "+" to add a command, then you can edit it's 

Once you've got your presets made, you're ready to add them to a bank.

So, you go to Banks, hit the "+" and call it "EDP basic" or something,

then for each of the 10 switches (which you should now see in a list )you can add your Momentary.

For now, it seems long winded. ...later you'll get the flexibility.

    Anyway I hope you are all virtually slapping me on the back
saying, "well done old sport, good choice!"

I suppose I'd better.