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Re: Re: KILL SWITCH/electric guitar recommendations?

On 8/23/2013 12:25 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
I'm doing it by the opposite direction using a LIVE SWITCH! A foot cotrolled momentary pad that lets sound through while pressed down but is "killing" when not touched. I can also deactivate the Live Switch so I won't have to constantly step on it (for "normal rig functionality"). My prefered signal chain level for the switch is after distortion and filtering units but before reverb and delay lines.

I took this tack with the Walker Manual Glitch pedal, though we just used the same kinds of buttons found on the footcontroller of the EDP. I just had a switch that would reverse the switches (one way, letting sound in, the other way, stopping sound with a momentary hit). Unfortunately, we deconstructed the large prototype pedal to put it into a smaller profile and the person helping me to build that pedal got really busy no longer has time to work on it. It's probably never going to be made........:-(

I had just heard, however, that, some people had used video game controllers because they were vastly faster than other switches.
I"m just wondering what the actual switches are.

I also suppose that it wouldn't be too difficult to have a switch that reversed the function of each "kill switch".