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Re: Re: KILL SWITCH/electric guitar recommendations?

On 8/23/2013 12:46 AM, mark francombe wrote:
*Personally I use a switch (Is is called 2 pole or 2 gang?) that switches from the pickups to a spare jack socket (an INput) So I can velcro things to my guitar (in my case Ive collected all the Buddah boxes, they are light and plastic and stay on with Velcro) and can switch between guitar and noise. OR I turn off the Buddah box for Kill Switching, or I can not play the guitar for Buddah box kill switching*... I have a silver small flight case full of small device, like Walkmans, radios that I can insert into this jack.

I first saw THIS technique doen by my favorite Japanese Punk Band "Melt Banana"!! Before I had even heard of Tome Morrello actually, although was aware of his Rage against the machine band, but had found it not to my particular flavour of Tea.
That's a fantastic idea!!!!!!
I'm going to try and steal that if I can.

yours,  Rick

ps I, too, wanted a 'positive' switch, but I also like the randomness that can come from turning something off with a positive action as opposed to turning something ON with a positive motion. It's all glitchy goodness from where I sit.