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Re: Kim Flint / Strava article

On Oct 6, 2013, at 5:01 AM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:

Don't you guys find it refreshing when something ISNT online?
I was totally dismayed when my only subscription magazine (Wire) went all ipaddy and online.. grrr..
Of course I can (and do) still get the paper version, but ethically speaking (the trees etc) I should give it up.. 


I just feel 'wrong' to sit in front of my three large computer monitors and read a novel or magazine. I feel like I should be doing something there. For this reason I finally bought an e-reader. You can get a brand new older model for $10! I wanted a back light so I paid $50, but that is still pretty cheap. I especially like that I can stick it in my pocket.