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Re: Leap

Leap is interesting, but it's still camera-based and I'd rather not rely on a camera to track gestures...  It's fine if your sitting in front of your computer in your studio, but on stage with varying body postures and stage lighting conditions, it may not be as reliable (and does not work at all as intended if obscured by drunks).  I hear that the latency is better than with kinect, so there's that.

I've had interesting results using a gametrak controller with a microcontroller sending hand positions via USB (OSC) following this: http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/publication/musical_applications_and_design_patterns_gametrak

If I ever get back to it, the idea was to track trombone slide position by calculating the distance between my hands.

But wires...  I can't wait to get a MYO, which is an entirely different beast: https://www.thalmic.com/en/myo/