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Re: Y2K13 LOOPFEST: Insomniac's report

Big thanks to Rick for the thorough review! Wish I had been there. I
had a pizza out tonight and froze my ass off before getting back home,
that's how fun Stockholm is right now :-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 6:31 PM, Rejyna MDW <rejyna@msn.com> wrote:
> Just amazing!  I have never been so stretched in one day, I'm still 
> trying
> to latch on to everything I heard and saw.  Just amazing stuff from
> everyone, I knew this was going to be a good source to replenish brain 
> cells
> I sacrificed all those years 'outside the loop'.  Such a surplus of
> inspiration that I will be looking to lease some cranial space to house 
> the
> boatload of new thoughts lathered upon me yesterday.
> I am deeply honored to have been included, humbled beyond words by all 
> the
> kind comments and wonderful response to my set.  I hope that the
> exhilaration and ecstasy that I experienced was obvious on my face if 
> not in
> my delivery - my hope is that some of my joy splashed on you too...
> I'm so hooked...so deeply addicted to this expression vehicle.
> To Rick and Noah, and all those who make this thing a reality: My deepest
> gratitude and biggest hugs!
> To all the loopers:  Thank you for being such a warm, tight family and 
> for
> welcoming me, my mom and daughter into the fold.  My daughter has been
> inspired to try looping with her harp and my mom has been inspired by 
> seeing
> her vision for my music unfold.
> Yes, this all makes me cry with joy right this moment.  How could I be 
> more
> blessed?
> See ya today!
> Rejyna
> rejyna@msn.com
> 818-314-4968
>> Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 08:18:52 -0700
>> Subject: Y2K13 LOOPFEST: Insomniac's report
>> From: looppool@cruzio.com
>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> Well, I've been just too busy trying to put this festival on to do much
>> posting, but I have insomnia before the last night of the festival (I 
>> play
>> last at 10:30 tonight and I'm nervous) so here goes:
>> We've been blessed with a fantastic festival so far. San Jose's 'best
>> of' show with our foreign artists was sublime; San Francisco's Luggage
>> Store, "Experimental Side of Looping" was equally good and we had a 
>> really
>> nice and enthusiastic turnout for S.F.
>> It's hard to pick standout performances as , literally, every
>> performance at both shows was very, very strong.
>> I feel so lucky that our hosts, the Brian and Cherie at the Anno
>> Domini Gallery and Matt and Rent at the Luggage Store reserve us a
>> space every single third week of October. The only downside to either
>> show was artist John Connell having his entire set stolen in the form
>> of his iTouch with all of it's lovingly selected and beautiful samples
>> was stolen in the tough neighborhood that surrounds the Luggage Store
>> at 6th and Market.
>> John triumphed, however, the next night at our opening Santa Cruz 
>> concert.
>> He spent the whole day reconstituting his entire set (a LOT of work) at
>> our first 'house concert' at Brad and Sandy Taylor's lovely home just
>> outside of downtown Santa Cruz and did a great 'comeback' set.
>> What a beautiful and intimate spot Brad and Sandy's place is.
>> Semih Yanyali had to cancel (after a beautiful mixture of turkish and
>> contemporary electronica styles set on Wednesday night) with a stomach 
>> flu
>> so we had a very short and intimate evening. A standout performance were
>> Noah Peterson's rocking, Americana Sax driven R&B. Noah has
>> enthusiastically and professionally jumped into our community this year
>> with two excellently produced Y2K13 looping festivals in Portland, 
>> Seattle
>> (and right after the main fest, San Antonio, Texas). It was just pure
>> joy to me to see how he rocs thousands of people at San Antonio's 6 
>> Flags
>> Theme Park in 105 degree heat during the summer. He is a fantastically
>> strong saxophonist and is very inventive with his looping (including
>> wonderful and strong percussion.....something that always ranks high in 
>> my
>> own personal looping book). He's also a really great guy too, with a
>> wonderful and epxansive laugh and sense of humor. It's really such a
>> treat to have him so prominent in our community in his first year of
>> having 'found' us. Thanks, Noah, for everything you've done this year
>> to promote and expand live looping!
>> It was such a mellow evening......really quite intimate and a good sign
>> for the weekend to come.
>> Today (well, yesterday technically, but I can't sleep) was just
>> awesome.........top to bottom.
>> I confess that I have been very, very worried about attendance because 
>> we
>> are in our new home at the Treasures Roadhouse which is decidedly 
>> outside
>> of downtown Santa Cruz for the first time. I was completely surprised
>> that our early day attendance was stronger than the last two years,
>> however which says a lot considering that we didn't have great luck with
>> our press efforts this year (outside of one nice article in the Good
>> Times).
>> The true marvel, though, is just how wonderful the Treasures Roadhouse 
>> is
>> as a venue. Bourn Archer, the owner has created a beautiful and intimate
>> performance space with a great sound system. It's comfortable, well
>> heated (and ventilated); it has a really nice and spacious 'green room'
>> for staging and pre-setting artists' equipment; beautiful theatrical
>> curtains and a very, homey and intimate feel with really great 
>> acoustics.
>> Almost every single person I talked to from audience members to 
>> performers
>> said that it was the best venue we've ever had for the looping festival.
>> And people CAME!!!!!! That was really exciting to me. We had a really
>> good house last night.
>> I just marvel at how strong this community has become musically and
>> technologically speaking since we started these festivals 13 years ago.
>> The day concert was really great from top to bottom with some real
>> standout performances with the three pre-dinner artists: Rejyna, Marya
>> Stark and Luis Angulo; who , fighting through a bad head cold and
>> complete loss of sound in his right ear after a bad plane ride 
>> delivered a
>> knockout performance of all orginal songs. I cried during one of is 
>> tunes,
>> it was so beautiful to me.
>> To single out anyone one from the day, though is very difficult because
>> everyone had strong sets. I really loved Bob Amstadt's opening set,
>> using two new completely redesigned LP-2s. This was Bob's first abstract
>> set that I've seen him do and it was really lovely. He did a couple of
>> things with the LP-2 that I'm going to steal (and that's the highest of
>> compliments). Stanosaur also rocked us one more time with high decibel
>> feedback looping.
>> He's the only artist I let play the festival without a specific 
>> 'looping'
>> device because of his dedication to manipulating and surfing high volume
>> guitar feedback between two massive Sunn amplifiers (not before handing
>> out 33 db earplugs to everyone in the house).
>> Another standout was David Tristram's beautiful looping graphics work.
>> David has added not only beautiful new algorthms to his syncrhonizing
>> graphics but has also really gotten deep into his ability to meld with 
>> the
>> performers. There was some truly beautiful stuff happening visually.
>> Next, I had one of those typical 'put out the fire' experiences as,
>> instead of taking a dinner break, I had to rush back into Santa Cruz to
>> borrow a projector for Maha!'s upcoming LoopyCam visuals for the
>> Headliners show. We had borrowed a projector, after having ours stolen
>> last year :-( but it didn't have the right connectors to hook up to Tim
>> Thompson's loopycam.
>> Hoffman's restaurant , home of my weekly jazz trio, came to the rescue
>> though (man, I love the staff and owners of that place) and lent us 
>> their
>> projector in the 11th hour and I was able to get back 5 minutes before 
>> the
>> start of the show.........which was JAW DROPPING in it's entirety.
>> Henry Kaiser opened up with a beautiful demonstration of the square wave
>> modulation possibilities in two ancient Lexicon PCM 42s. He then went
>> on to explain the method of improvisation that he has been mining for a
>> long time with beautiful results and then showed us how different the
>> computer manipulation 'emulation' of those instruments are. It was
>> really cool to hear his detailed explanations and then to truly see the
>> difference between the analogue performance back to back with it's
>> 'emulate' digital one. Some people, notably Grammy Award winner, Bill
>> Putnam, really appreciated the difference between the two sounds, but I
>> confess, they both sounded great to my somewhat challenged middle aged
>> ears.
>> Next Daniel Thomas put on the most elaborate and high tech looping show
>> I've seen yet. Playing what looked like an entire mobile studio (with
>> replete with multiple controllers, two MACbook pros and keyboards, 
>> guitar
>> and voice, he encountered a couple of very minor technological 
>> 'glitches'
>> but his performance and song writing were just beautiful and very, very
>> emotional for me. I was so impressed with his performance and equally
>> impressed that he attempted such an elaborate and truly daring attempt 
>> at
>> bringing complex song forms to live looping (something live looping is 
>> NOT
>> typically good at doing).
>> Next, living live looping legend, Andre LaFosse played his first Y2K
>> appearance with a tour d-force of guitar playing and absolute seamless
>> mastery of the Gibson Echoplex. Glitch and funky with his 'guitar
>> turntablism' approach of corralling and shaping the glitchy 
>> possibilities
>> of quantized replace and the real time shortening and lengthening of 
>> loops
>> that the EDP is so famous for, he had heads and feet bopping for the
>> entire set. He's such a fantastic and inventive guitarist as well and it
>> was wonderful to see where he's gone since the last time I played with
>> him, Michael Manring and Steve Lawson back in 2002/2003. As much as I
>> love his funky stuff, my standout performance, both at the Luggage Store
>> and at the Headliners gig was a piece he plays using FEEDBACK set to 0 
>> and
>> Reverse........He has just mastered this art that makes the instrument
>> seem completely and utterly elastic in his hands. The entire set was a
>> tour d'force!
>> Lastly, Bill Walker delivered a beautiful and very emotional set (he
>> played three tunes in a row in the memory of my mother, father and our
>> fearless 'non-leader' Kim Flint. Bill was celebrating the release of
>> his first solo CD and he just played beautifully, mixing in humor and
>> pathos in the set. I confess, I cried twice during his set thinking
>> about how much my parents loved us and how much we love and miss them.
>> I also sat grinning and cheering with Daniel Thomas as Bill tore it up 
>> in
>> 6/8 on his memorial to my father, 'Cass County Waltz' , one of the
>> standout tracks on the new CD.
>> I always am a little afraid that people will think I'm being nepotistic 
>> in
>> my enthusiastic endorsement of Bill's talent, but he is just a fantastic
>> and inventive musician with a deep heart, filled with a great sense of
>> humor and compassion. He's also been, quite frankly, my tech guru,
>> in all of these years of looping. It was great to see him tear it up.
>> So, we all got into our cars and came back to the Looping compound; ate
>> popcorn and drank beer and laughed and laughed with Nancy LeVan, Nelly
>> Munier, Noah Peterson, Hideki Nakanishi and his friend, Hiro , Stephen
>> Briggs, Emmanuel Reveneau, Laurie Amat and Maha......one of my very
>> favorite things to do at all of the loop festivals.
>> Okay, maybe now I can sleep...........we've got a killer day ahead of us
>> with the lions' share of the foreign artists slated to play the really
>> good closing night of the festival and a very strong day concert, as 
>> well.
>> I hope to see some of you down there today.
>> Blessings everybody and thanks so much for all of your support and for
>> this wonderful community.