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Re: Bidule+Mobius glitches

Hi Dave, 

Try the VST plugin version! To me the VST works better as a Bidule host compared to the AU. 

Your crashes can also have to do with the host/plugin sync; you didn't tell by your email if you run Mobius AU synced or as the sync master. Myself I always run Mobius as the sync master and one reason for that is to be able to mangle and abuse audio without causing conflicts (of course I'm causing huge trouble for other plugins that try to follow the sync clock Mobius drives, but they are just delays, tremolos or beat synced LFOs that doesn't crash but maybe jumps over a beat or so to catch up. 

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Dave Draper <dh.draper@virgin.net> wrote:

Anyone else out there using mobius as a plug-in (AU) to bidule? And crazy enough to do things like hit a speed shift controller whilst mobius is multiplying? That causes a freeze on my setup - the dreaded SBBOD (macbook pro/ bidule .9732/ mobius2.5)!

Now the obvious answer is not to hit silly combinations of buttons, but that's just one of the (random) ways I work! Now it doesn't seem to be entirely down to the combination (which includes softstep & my own home-brewed controller group), since mobius as standalone will simply reset the loop upon the same combination of commands from GUI buttons. As plug-in, a force-quit generates a monster report which certainly involves a lot of 'semaphore - wait' calls, so I'm wondering whether it's worth trying to pursue this as a bug, or to find a way of preventing myself from indulging in such practices (I know - I'll go deaf....  :)

In an ideal world of course, one should be able to abuse the software all one likes, & although it might not respond the way you expect/want, it wouldn't crash.That's asking a lot I know, but I just wondered.......

Dave Draper

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