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Footswitch for Memory Man with Hazarai?

One of my loopers is a Memory Man with Hazarai. One of the only flaws
with the looper is that you have to be holding the record switch for
the entire duration that you're looping. As one of those musicians
that uses both hands to play an instrument, I don't often have a spare
hand, and have to hold the "record" button down with my face. (Yes.

Is there a resource for modding these pedals with a footswitch for the
record function, or maybe a button that doesn't hurt when one holds it
down with one's face?

(And yes, I know you can put it on the floor and use it as a foot
pedal, but then the controls for the other nice things it does aren't

Matt Davignon
New release "The 3am Music": http://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com
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