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Re: AB/Y Switch

Thanks Teddy and Kevin for the cool tips, I'm in the process of having my 
toe switch on my Mission dual output expression pedal moved to the side 
hopefully with a non click smooth action switch. At first I wasn't 
concerned as the two functions,  loop volume and feedback I was 
controlling  and switching between would usually be initiated from a toe 
down (100%) position. but I get exuberant and start changing loop volume 
when I mean to control feedback by accidentally engaging the 
switch….Doh!!!  on another note  I am using a Mission Expressionator 
expression router  to control  three of my processors and I really like 
it, 1 pedal where once there where 3.  Have to try that aby thing with my 
M-9 Kevin and I'll check out the Disaster area dudes Teddy.