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Re: New Boomerang software

Yes, the audio is independent. There are no special modes or settings that address using 2 IIIs but ending up with a single stereo output. However you could connect 2 (or more) IIIs as follows.

instrument > effects >> III(A) >> III(B) >> 2 amps or 2 PA channels
 [ > = mono, >> = stereo ]

There is one issue with this arrangement. When loops are playing on III(A) and loops are recorded on III(B), the III(A) loops will be recorded as part of the III(B) loops. Because of this, a better solution might be to use merge adapters or a small mixer to combine the signals from the two loopers.

... >> III(A) >> mixer channels 1 and 2
... >> III(B) >> mixer channels 3 and 4
mixer main outs >> 2 amps or 2 PA channels

On 28-Oct-13 6:08 PM, David Lamkins wrote:
IIUC, the audio paths remain completely independent in brother sync. Is 
that right? No modes
that involve some magic with daisy-chained audio connections that'd give 
me a single stereo
in/out using sync'd `Rang IIIs...?


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